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About Hook and Ladder #1


Nothing cries out for compassion, concern, and danger as a fire engine screams by carrying firefighters ready to do battle without flinching from any demand.
Byron Pulsifer

Manasquan, located along the Atlantic Ocean at the southern end of Monmouth County, has been a settled community for over 125 years.

On December 30, 1887, Squan Village was incorporated as the Borough of Manasquan, and on January 17, 1888, residents cast their ballots for the borough's first mayor and council.  Edward S. Van Leer served as the first mayor; councilmen were John Cline, Theodore O. Cook, Daniel Cook, William P. Taylor, Elisha C. Errickson, and Henry A. Curtis.

As the community added homes and businesses, the need for safety services increased.  Manasquan Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 was established in 1887, and Volunteer Engine Co. No. 2 in 1894.

It was once said that Manasquan was a fine community for two things – to make a living and to enjoy life. This is every bit as true today, as Manasquan's 6,310 residents enjoy living in a classic American town of thriving businesses, good schools, civic responsibility and happy families - alongside the ocean, river, lakes, streams, and brooks that make Manasquan unique.

By Mary Birckhead Ware
Manasquan Borough Historian